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Family Portrait Photography. Copyright 2016 Katrina Campbell All Rights Reserved.


Capturing the Everyday

A series of photography workshops for beginners

By Claire Vincent and Katrina Campbell

Venue: Friends Meeting House, 59 Church Hill, Winchmore Hill, N21 1LE

Would you like to capture beautiful photographs of your children? You may have a ‘good camera’ (DSLR or similar) but want to get to know it better. These workshops are designed to inspire and educate you on how to improve your everyday photography skills.


Thursday 23rd November 11:30-3 £ 50


Saturday 2nd December 1:30 – 5:30 £ 65

  • Inspiration: what makes a truly great photo; you will learn how to see the moments worth capturing
  • Practical:  – experimenting with settings in your camera; photographing in different lighting conditions
  • Composition  – be brave and bold, in order to create beautiful images
  • Light – working with natural light to achieve stunning results
  • How to get images off your camera, and into your life.

Requirements: this is a beginners’ course, please bring your camera (DSLR, or similar ) and camera manual.


Friday 8th December 10 – 1

£ 50

It’s no good learning all these skills, but leaving your photos on your various devices. This practical session will help you to create a system that will make archiving family photos a pleasure rather than a chore.

  • how to upload and back up photos
  • basic editing in Adobe Lightroom
  • creating a system to organise images
  • how to export images and share
  • advice on creating photo books, cards and prints

Requirements: this is a beginners’ course in editing photographs in Lightroom; please bring your laptop with LR installed, your camera and connecting cables NB: if you haven’t yet invested in Adobe Lightroom, you can download it for a free trial.





Email to book your session.


Claire is a documentary photographer and co founder of creative agency Popla Media, and lectures in photography at Hertford University. Katrina spent ten years working in advertising and now works as a portrait photographer – specialising in families. They’re both passionate about documenting family life.

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“Thank you so much for such a fun morning. I learnt a lot and will definitely put it into practice. It was so nice not feeling silly that I didn’t know very much about my camera. You made it so easy and understandable.” Sue